E9.2 UX One Landing Pages and Delivered Roles



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Hi folks

I am trying to get some clarity on how these pages work and if we need to setup each role in E1 in order for them to work or not.
I have a landing page installed via the ESU etc and it loads up fine and I can tap into one of graphs to see the APPL screen and the linked query gives me a few records, but then graphs on the page render nothing

Taking Warehouse Manager for example, which uses P46001X and role WMSMGRJDE to show E1 Page CMP_1607130001JDE, am I right in thinking that data packs below are to setup dummy data to get the graphs to work and the last DP is setup config data for the WMSMGRJDE role

Do we have to setup the role as defined by E1s docs in order to use these Pages OR...Can we use our own existing rules.

So I'm trying to work out wht the pages don't show data when the query does. I am testng these under my DEV role for now until I get oit working, then I'll publish it and share to other Roles etc



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