Containerized receiving anyone???



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Seems like posting to JDEList anymore is a shot in the dark, but here goes anyway:

First, this is NOT a question about Container Management. We do not own any containers.

What we do is receive containers full of product from overseas. This shipping container will contain full or partial shipments of one or more Purchase Orders.

Upon receiving, the landed costs have to be distributed accordingly to each item. Currently, our receiving clerk uses a set of spreadsheets to perform these calculations.

We would like to have these calculations automated as part of the receiving process in JDE.

My question is: Has anyone else done this? Did you write custom code? Is there a 3rd party package available?

Bob Cagle
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World A9.3.1

Marcia HR

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It's been a while since I've used this functionality, but have you checked out the landed cost functionality within E1 itself. Attached is a document if you aren't familiar with it.


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We are using World, not E1. We do currently use the landed cost screens. I will review the document though; maybe it'll give some insight on how to possibly accomplish this in World.

Thanks for responding!