1. E9.1 UNSPSC Commodity Relationship on Requisition

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone in the community has discovered a way where a UNSPSC code can be populated to a requisition (F43E11) via Commodity and UNSPSC relationship. Following Setups completed: 1.) Commodity Setup Structure (P40500) 2.) Uploaded the UNSPSC code (P40241) 3.) Defined...
  2. Krusador

    Containerized receiving anyone???

    Seems like posting to JDEList anymore is a shot in the dark, but here goes anyway: First, this is NOT a question about Container Management. We do not own any containers. What we do is receive containers full of product from overseas. This shipping container will contain full or partial...
  3. Tool/Program/Custom UBE for Mass closure of old Purchase Order lines

    Does anyone know of a standard or custom tool for closing old Purchase Order lines. We tried using the status update program but that will not close lines. We know the normal way but there are thousands of lines so looking for a quick way (not SQL) to close PO lines en masse. Any...
  4. Procurement Disposition Movement

    Hey All, I'm new to JDE and I'm using JDE9.1. I want to reject a order in Receipt Routing (want to use MOV code REJ "Rejected") Can anyone help me to understand this scenario and how to navigate? Thanks, Prem
  5. Last Purchased Price in JDE

    Dear Friends, Can you advise how can we setup to populate the last purchased price in PO detail while entered the Item Number? We are using cost methods 01 (Last In) & 02 (WAC). Can achieve this requirement through standard JDE or we need to go for customization? Please advise. Thanks in...
  6. Rauf

    Graphical representation of functionalities of modules

    Where from I can get overview (diagram, flow charts, pictures etc) of the following modules, - Financials - Procurement For example, In procurement, Order Request comes first. Quote Order second. Then Purchase Order etc.
  7. Procurement - delivery schedule

    We would like to identify a solution to communicate about delivery dates with suppliers. We are interested in using forecast devilery schedule and precise delivery schedule. Three steps that we need to identify in a purchase order (PO) in JDE: - PO entered with an estimated delivery date (one...
  8. Mass Upload for P43090 Supplier Item Information?

    We currently are defaulting our pricing to the "30" bucket purchase price in the F4105 table. We want to slowly move to the P43090 application with supplier pricing in order to capture quantity breaks, currency exchange rate issues, and have secondary sources with current pricing for spot buys...