1. E9.1 ST/OT auto receipt into receiving branch

    We have a supply center running JDE that supplies to multiple plants, including the one it is attached to. We are implementing ST/OT's to all branch plants it supplies to, since one of the plants is attached they do not want to go through the whole shipping, receiving, putaway process as they...
  2. Krusador

    Containerized receiving anyone???

    Seems like posting to JDEList anymore is a shot in the dark, but here goes anyway: First, this is NOT a question about Container Management. We do not own any containers. What we do is receive containers full of product from overseas. This shipping container will contain full or partial...
  3. PO Receipt Option Default

    Do any of you know if there is a way to be able to default a blank receipt option so users are required to add a receipt option rather than defaulting to all lines received?
  4. irfan.refai

    BI Publisher Issue - Insert Failed to F95630

    A client is having an urgent issue with their PO Reprint (R43500) and PO Receipt (R43510) which goes through BI Publisher. Up until now, they have submitted single POs for reprints and receipts and the BI Publisher output is emailed as a PDF to the submitter. But one of the users submitted a...
  5. Receive Into Multiple Locations using EDI Batch Standard R47071

    Hi Everyone, I hope this finds you well. The reason I'm writing is because I'm in the process of automating the material Purchase Order Receiving process using R47071 at OneWorld XE (currently this is done using standard app P4312). I'm having troubles with one specific scenario (receiving raw...