Connect WebServer to JDE


Hi everyone,
I have a server with SQL 7.0 and OW B733.2, also I have a WebServer running IIS, WebSphere and WebLogic. The problem is that have been imposible to connect the WebServer to JDE through firewall and port 1434, my standar require multiprotocol encryption.
We don't know to do.
Have someone any idea ??
Please, help me !!!

First, the standard port of SQL7 is 1433; but you may use other ports
as long as you configure Client Network Utility on every SQL server
and SQL client to use port 1434 or whatever you like.
Also check the JAS.INI, the '1433' is hardwritten there too.
Check Start-Programs-SQL Server-Client Network on all the servers
and clients, and add an entry using TCP/IP as default library,
and add a TCP/IP entry for your SQL server machine and port=1433.
I've been messing with OneWorld, SQL and non-standard protocols, such
as IPX/SPX or Multiprotocol and I couldn't make them run.
My conclusion is that SQL minimally needs TCP/IP configured on the
client network utility, though you may add additional protocols such
as Multiprotocol or Named Pipes.