Calling RPG Pgm from OneWorld


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Hello List,

Im aware that this post has been answered previously, but there are =
couple of doubts that are still daunting me!!!.

Scenario #1.=20
Yes the c:\winnt\rmtcmd.exe works fine as long as you are just making a =
simple call, Can anyone help in the scenario where the RPG pgm is a =
report say a JDE custom report for eg....Will the overrides to the =
printer file still work?.Will the spool file still go to the Outqueue as =
specified on the printer overrides?.
Where and how will the library list be set?. I did set the libl in the =
CL pgm before calling the Rpg, but that did not solve the problem.
If at all the call end up in a error...where do we look for the Joblog =
on the AS/400?. Can we monitor for messages at all?.

Scenario #2.
If this were to run of the server......Are there any special steps to be =
taken care off?.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

AS/400 V4R5 XE-SP15 Co-existence.