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Archive/Purge F0911/F03B11


Can you purge general ledger transactions when the related A/R
ledger records are still open? We have some old A/R that is
still open. The batches had more than one company within the batch. If you exclude the trade accounts, cash, and discount type accounts from the summarize/purge process, will the two systems tie
out if you purge out the other companies?

Would it make sense to consolidate older A/R into a separate company or business unit in order to make it 'cleaner' to remove all of the
old batches for a given fiscal year/period?


Mike Dupaix

VIP Member
If the AR transactions are posted, you and summarize and purge the F0911 (including the trade, cash and discount accounts) without a problem. If you are completely removing a company from the system, you would need to change information on the AR record itself to avoid future posing issues when the record/invoice is paid, adjusted or deleted.

If you look at your AR constants, you will probably find that the batch transactions are being summarized to reduce the number of JE lines written to F0911. This is