AR cash receipts - Gl post


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need a bit of help
receipts use to process over 40 hours
playing catchup the receipts closed were after the receipt coming in

here are the steps I did to try to apply correctly
1) create a copy of R03B31Z1
in R5503B13Z
brought in GL date and receipt date. (same date)
commented out getting execution list from cusomer (all cusomers are the same - needed to call different versions)
each version had different EDI user. JDE01, JDE02, JDE03 UP TO JDE15

added to P03B50 the different execution list and R5503B50B with seperate versions
JDE01 uses exeution list EXL01 R5503B50B version JDE001
JDE02 uses exeution list EXL02 R5503B50B version JDE002

1a custom program
will read the F03B11Z1
compare receipts against the open AR (have GL date and a add date of -6)
once the process is caught up - will beable to automate it using todays date and and add date
If equal 98% of time - off a bit because of closing of newer invoices on old receipts)
if not equal - mov the receipt into a backup file to process later. Need to figure out the cash AAI for these.
update AR user code with EQ

2) created copy of R03B551
commented out payor information - only processing by customer.
commented out bank account - passed in by R5503B13Z process
call R5503B50

3) created copy of R03B50
commented out check of amount greater than 0 (we have a few negative cash - prepayment)

4) created copy of 5503B50B
reads the open AR for amount open and date within range and user code = 'EQ"

1) all Z file receipts process flag = Y
2) all receipts (F03B13) fully process and applied. Unapplied amount = 0
3) created all receipt detail (F03B14) and closed corresponding invoices (could have a couple of hundred detail lines per receipt)

but the GL does not post due to fiscal date pattern. but it is working for daily invoices coming in so it is working and date set up

here is my work center message.
Contact :
Phone Number :
Tickler Date : 06/08/2015
Subject :
CAUSE . . . . The date does not fall within a fiscal year set up for
company 00099 , date pattern A . A date entry is not allowed
unless it is set up in the Date Patterns file (F0008) for
RESOLUTION. . Set up the Fiscal Year in the Fiscal Date Pattern file.

Fiscal Year not set up

help please
JDE 9.0 tools 8.98.4 AIX
Review the R03B50 processing options since you may need to test the override of the GL date based upon your actual data.