R03B11Z1A - no distributions


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Currently we are processing around 16 batches a day.
each batch has a unique edi user, edi batch, edi trans number with the gl batch and document number and other fields needed.
sometimes it processes the AR side of the entry (moving it into the F03B11 table
but it misses the F0911 side of the transactions. There are around 3 batches a day that errors out.

the distribution is still in the F0911Z1 table - is there any way to get it to process to the F0911 table?
Changed the PO on R03B11Z1A to not purge to make sure the distribution was being populated
the distribution for each batch is around 50,000 records so a tad more than to do a manual fix.

version 9.1

It would appear that there are two issues:

1) Generally, if there is no distribution rows inserted into F0911, the F03B11 rows will not be inserted because it would be out of balance and therefore go into error. For the F03B11 rows to be inserted without the F0911 rows being inserted, the Out of Balance processing option (on the process tab) would have to be set to 1.

2) There is probably a data problem that does not allow the R03B11Z1A to match the F03B11Z1 rows and the F0911Z1 rows. For example the EDI batch Number in the F03B11Z1 is not the same as the EDI Batch Number in the F0911Z1. All data that identifies the document has to be identical in both F03B11Z1 and F0911Z1, this is not limited to the EDI columns, for the R03B11Z1A to pick up both the F03B11Z1 and F0911Z1 rows.
Thanks Pete
got the issue resolved. batches were only partially processed before the clear of the 'Z' files. But thiank you for your response