E9.2 F0011 - Batch Control Records / N (Inventory) Batches


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JDE 9.2
Oracle 19c

I'm looking for input on a possible solution if anyone has ever experienced this before it's too late.

On average the company I work for creates 1 million new N (Inventory) F0011 batch header records a month. Currently, there are approximately 77 million "N" Batch records in table F0011. With only having a max of 99,999,999 batch records per batch type, there are approximately 22 million batch record numbers left for N batches. That equates to a little under 2 years where there will be no "N" batch numbers available. I'm fairly certain at that point, no more Inventory batches will be able to be created. Not to state the obvious, but that would be very bad.

My recommendation was to include table F0011 in the Archive project which is currently underway. Redfaire's Datawaire application is being utilized for archiving. It was previously called ArcTools. The vendor brought up the issue of duplicate F0011 records occurring over time in the Archive database. The agreed upon data retention in the JDE database is seven years, so the possibility of that happening is quite a ways off.

As always, any and all input would be greatly appreciated.