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Does anyone have any ideas or opinions on whether the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) will continue to be part of the JDE development toolset in the future?

It's a tough decision to spend money on training courses for technology that may be worthless in a few years time.

Such is the life of a developer!
In my opinion, Oracle ADF will continue to be part of JDE development. Their plan is to release the next version of Oracle ADF and JDeveloper as part of Oracle's Fusion Middleware release 14. They are planning to include a new version to support the new WebLogic 14 version which they had already been released. Before spending money please have a look at related articles.
You're a little late to Tim's question, but Oracle has already migrated a good chunk of their applications to Oracle JET (eliminating the need for an ADF server.) They seem to be having a struggle with that calendar application though, there's no JET replacement for that yet and they recently said "Oppps we will continue supporting ADF in 9.2.6.x" after originally stating they were working towards eliminating it all together.