Work With Supply and Demand



I am new to the forum and also new to JDE, and I couldn't find a related topic to my question (sorry if this is the wrong place...)

I am in the Work With Supply and Demand section in JDE (P4021) and I want to make a report that shows me Demand and Supply quantities, specifically the Dependant Demand and Planned Orders, but I cannot seem to find a table that contains these columns. I understand these are filled when running the MRP, but I would like to know if there is a JDE Table that can show me that.

Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.
Not any one table, no.
P4021 (actually BSFNs called by P4021), assembles the data shown from multiple sources/tables.

If you just want Qty On Hand and Qty Available and various Committed Quantities you can find that information in F41021 - Item Locations.
Otherwise you'll need to assemble the data from a multitude of tables.
You may also want to check out the UBE R4051, which is a report version of P4021.
The Supply Demand Workbench is a little bit more complex. The data itself, as others already mention, is not on a single table.
You can pull the data using the following business functions:

B3400310 (LoadSupplyAndDemandData) - This function populate the information into a cache - This is called on the "Find" button on P4021.
B3401390 (F4021WCalculateQuantityAvailable) - This function calculates the available quantity - This is called on the "Find" button on P4021.
B3401750 (CacheProcessSupplyDemandData) - This function will retrieve the data from the cache, which is what you are looking for - This is called on the "Get Custom Grid Row" on the Grid of P4021.

Check the P4021 and those events, you will be able to extract the data you need. Don't forget that you have to destroy the cache pointers and all this stuff later.