Work Order Commitments - R17714

Mike Mackinnon

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We are some problems with service order commitments on our parts list. The problem is that sometimes (unable to pinpoint exact cases!) when we run R17714 the part lines are not being committed to lots even though there is inventory available to 'fill' the quantity on the parts list. This seems to happen "sometimes", meaning that we usually get a listing of several parts that did not commit to a lot and must then be manually committed to the lot that has the quantity available.

I was just wondering if anybody else out there has experienced something similar?

I have already raised a ticket with Oracle support but do not seem to making progress. If anybody wants to see information such as logs, etc I will be glad to forward to you :)
Mostly I am just throwing something out there in case anybody has some suggestions - setup, processes, ESU, etc that they might suggest.