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work order

  1. V

    P31114 reverse IC, no unit cost in item ledger

    Hi I'm new here, I'd like to ask if anyone knows why when the user reverse an IC from work order completion using P31114, by changing the quantity to negative, the item ledger has record of the stock quantity being deducted but the unit cost of that record is 0? I've read that if the item does...
  2. M

    How to use CAM time entry without Payroll module installed

    Hello there I'm wondering how can I configure time entry for Equipment Work Orders (CAM) if my client is not using Payroll module? As far as I know If you use time entry like in Manufacturing (Hours & Qtys P31122), then: 1.- the Actual Labor is not updated in Actual Labor in the Work order...
  3. Mike Mackinnon

    Work Order Commitments - R17714

    We are some problems with service order commitments on our parts list. The problem is that sometimes (unable to pinpoint exact cases!) when we run R17714 the part lines are not being committed to lots even though there is inventory available to 'fill' the quantity on the parts list. This seems...
  4. S

    Equipment Maintenance

    What is the alternate way to do quick implementation of equipment maintenance if we don't have capital asset management and currently using fixed asset for equipment management? Currently the requirement is to 1) Start Equipment Maintenance 2) Procure material for maintenance 3) Issue...
  5. J

    R31422 Leaving F31122 records with Process Status = I

    Hi, R31422 is running and leaving some records with a "processed status" of I...i cannot find any documentation as to why this status would be set. The IH transactions for work orders left at this status are not making it to the GL. Would anyone know why? There is no .pdf report on the R31422...
  6. G

    Missing records in P41202

    Hello everybody, I have a problem with missing returned inventory items. A warehouse attendant returned an item to a work order. It hits WO costing via the G/L record and it shows up in P4111 (Inventory transactions), but doesn't appear in the P41202 (Detailed Availability) This doesn't happen...
  7. D

    Anyone created grandparent work orders and any resulting problems?

    Hi everyone! We are moving to a new asset mgmt solution that will interface with our 9.0 E1 Tools We want to add another layer of work orders - grandparents - The selected vendor is doing a proof of interface this week and wants to add another layer of work orders under our current...