How to use CAM time entry without Payroll module installed


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I'm wondering how can I configure time entry for Equipment Work Orders (CAM) if my client is not using Payroll module?

As far as I know If you use time entry like in Manufacturing (Hours & Qtys P31122), then:
1.- the Actual Labor is not updated in Actual Labor in the Work order, even if you update amounts with R13800

So.. ?
2.- How can I post the labor to be updated to the Work order.
3.- How can I affect Assets balances (F1202) with labor costs ?

Thanks for your comments

E1 9.1


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In simple terms you've go three options. Modification to enable you to use P31122, turn on time entry (you don't need to turn on payroll entirely but you will need employee time entry) or use service work orders (05) instead of equipment work orders (04).

If it was me I'd do it the way it was intended and configure time entry.


Hi Russell

Thanks for your recommendations, I'm going to analyze how much effort is to set up payroll just for time entry usage.