Anyone created grandparent work orders and any resulting problems?


Hi everyone! We are moving to a new asset mgmt solution that will interface with our 9.0 E1 Tools
We want to add another layer of work orders - grandparents -

The selected vendor is doing a proof of interface this week and wants to add another layer of work orders under our current child work orders so yes, we would have three layers of work orders.
We currently just have parent and child work order relationships and they rollup properly in JDE screens and reports.
Rationale for all this being the current children would become parents and the asset mgmt solution would auto-create grandchildren every day to associate with that day's work.

To test whether JDE E1 would handle grandparent/parent/child work orders I created some transactions in the grandchildren.
The grandchildren do not get picked up (seen) by the grandparent in the P48220. The grandchildren do get seen when the parent is selected in the P48220.
It is not imperative that the P48220 shows all work orders under it but it does get us wondering if there are other gotchas.
I have checked and do not see any useful processing options in the P48220 that would allow for the system to look down another layer.
We think we can't be the first one to have wanted to configure the system this way
If anyone has anything to share on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.

When I look on the P48220, the screen that shows the child work orders associated with the selected parent, it only shows the immediately below level.

Thank you for your kind attention.