1. E9.2 R42520 hard commit

    Hi, We are trying to find a way to hide some locations from the hard commit process in R42520 report assuming that we have only one branchplant. For example: We have an SO requesting 100EA for a product We have only one lot of this product located in 5 locations Z1=25EA, Z2=25EA, Z3=25EA...
  2. FIFO R42520 without Lot Control

    Has anyone come across the need to FIFO their inventory for sales picking without turning on lot control. Just was the commitment to go to the location with the oldest inventory and not have to transaction at the lot level. JDE 9.2
  3. Commitment Integrity Issue (Purge, Rebuild, Repost didn't fix the issue)

    Hi does anyone know why PRR didn't work on this? or what is the cause why all amounts relieved were gone when PRR was performed. Before PRR, current issue: Account is already closed, purchase order is also closed already but there are still quantity open in the open commitment (this should be 0...
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    Work Order Commitments - R17714

    We are some problems with service order commitments on our parts list. The problem is that sometimes (unable to pinpoint exact cases!) when we run R17714 the part lines are not being committed to lots even though there is inventory available to 'fill' the quantity on the parts list. This seems...
  5. kpankaj1987

    False commitment

    Hi All, I am having one issue in inventory commitment. When i checked for one item in Summery availability screen it is showing around 57 quantity. But when I checked all open orders with status range 520 to 550 it is coming around 97 . When I checked on supply demand screen I could see that...
  6. Cancelled quantity shows 1000 more in cancelleation by commitment and cancellation

    Hi Experts, I am facing a very strange issue. Our client is using World A7.3. When system do the cancellation automatically, the line goes to status 982/999 (cancellation by commitment) or 984/999(cancellation by shipment). This works correctly as per the set up as we are not back ordering the...