What is inside 'Save' button of 'Menu Filtering'


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Is there a way to find the code inside the Enable/Disable function ? I need to find which tables are updated if I press Save button. The issue is, if I want to add a custom menu to the parent menu and I don't want to show the menu for all users, I will take all the other roles and do disable manually. So if there is 300 roles, I want to do it 300 times(its horrible and a clerical work).

What if I get the code inside, and disable the access in a single click :)


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The tables that contain the menu access (enable/disable per user/role) are the Task Variant Tables, F9005 and F9006. The variant name will be the user/role ID. To prevent access there needs to be an entry in these tables with the flag (F9006.TDVARACTIVE) set to "N".


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A 'simple' insert to the table F9006 will work ? Or should I use any standard Business Function ?


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Hi Rauf

is best to use security for that

security automathically "hides" non accesible applications for the users



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I agree with you. But see my case. I just added a Task to the top of Task View, and it is visible to all 250 Roles. As we follow, menu filtering, I hope it's best to deal withe Menu Filter, other than the security.