E9.2 Radio button being reset by Find button on web - works fine on FAT



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Hi folks

When I clickk Find my radio button is losing it's setting and switching to the other option.

I have 2 radio buttons Show Open Only or Show ALL (both linked to a QTY DD in the grid)
Show Open only is set to 0 and acts as a > filter
Show ALL has no value set and is not filter (so shows all)

Locally I can switch between the 2, it auto finds and works like a charm.
On the web it doesn't. It still filters but if I click Show ALL, grid records appear and the grid loads but the radio button has reverted back to Show Open Only.

It's been a while since I worked on Radio Buttons but I try to write down stuff down and so I've covered the basics of linking them to the same DD, having different values, all done

I even deleted the Radio buttons and started again. This time added no values or filters just to see what it would do.
It STILL resets to the top one when I click Find :)

Any ideas??. I want my radio button selection to STICK when I click Find