1. Role x Menu in JDE

    Hy guys, good morning. I am new in JDE and I am developing a report wich must to show the following informations: Role ID Menu APPL(Aplication) Version xxxxx "Father's task description|Son's task description" xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Could you guys, please, give me a hand in this task...
  2. Rauf

    What is inside 'Save' button of 'Menu Filtering'

    Is there a way to find the code inside the Enable/Disable function ? I need to find which tables are updated if I press Save button. The issue is, if I want to add a custom menu to the parent menu and I don't want to show the menu for all users, I will take all the other roles and do disable...
  3. duplicate Tasks menu

    Hi all, I have a little problem, and despites my research I did not find anything concrete. I need to duplicate the menu task to the same environment. Let me explain, on JDE web client I have a user menu as follows and I want to duplicate the same with everything in EVERY menu and copied...
  4. giving access to menu to particular user

    Hi , I want to give access to three paricular users to for two application in menu which they currently dont have can i give access to them.?