1. E9.2 Menu And UDC Promotion from DV to PD

    Hello Dear List Members, We have a situation where we would like to refresh all UDC's along with Menu from DV to PD environment. What will be safest steps that we can follow. Can this also be accomplished via backend? I am aware about below options:: i. For UDCs Copy Table F0004 & F0005 from...
  2. E9.2 Create a menu item only for some users

    hello when creating a new menu and adding it to the main menu, all users see it and I have to remove it one by one, Is it possible to create a new menu item, and only enable it for the user roles I need? thank you !
  3. E9.2 Question regarding Rough Cut (Fine Cut)

    Hi there! I am not able to find anything regarding what Rough Cut regarding security and how it affect user/task security. Can anyone brief me a bit about it? Thank you in advance!!
  4. E9.2 Rough Cut in 9.2

    Hi there! I'm new to JD Edwards world. Can anyone explain me what Rough Cut stands for and its practical use? It is available on JDE 9.2? I can't find an explanation in the web or neither this forum. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Role x Menu in JDE

    Hy guys, good morning. I am new in JDE and I am developing a report wich must to show the following informations: Role ID Menu APPL(Aplication) Version xxxxx "Father's task description|Son's task description" xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Could you guys, please, give me a hand in this task...
  6. Rauf

    What is inside 'Save' button of 'Menu Filtering'

    Is there a way to find the code inside the Enable/Disable function ? I need to find which tables are updated if I press Save button. The issue is, if I want to add a custom menu to the parent menu and I don't want to show the menu for all users, I will take all the other roles and do disable...
  7. duplicate Tasks menu

    Hi all, I have a little problem, and despites my research I did not find anything concrete. I need to duplicate the menu task to the same environment. Let me explain, on JDE web client I have a user menu as follows and I want to duplicate the same with everything in EVERY menu and copied...
  8. giving access to menu to particular user

    Hi , I want to give access to three paricular users to for two application in menu which they currently dont have can i give access to them.?