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jde 8.12

  1. Rauf

    Charts in JDE Forms using JavaScript in JDE E1 8.12 TR 8.96.40

    We have to stick with our current version of JDE, but it does not supports charts. And higher management is looking for some alternatives. I have worked with Fusion Charts in Microsoft ASP.NET applications and it seemed great. It will just use some JavaScript to draw the charts in web browser...
  2. Rauf

    Deployment in 8.12 and 9.1

    I know how to do deployment in 8.12, TR 8.96.40. Is there any change in the steps if I do deployment in 9.10 ?
  3. C

    Crystal Reports 2013/16 crashes trying to use XI R2 reports w/ JDE connection

    Is anyone out there using SAP's Crystal Reports 2013/2016 with included JD Edwards connection type reporting? We have XI R2 reports that work with the (then) Business Objects connection type and necessary E1 .jar files. However 2013/16 crashes when trying to open these reports. Also, I can...
  4. Rauf

    Retrieve information from the JDE data base using SMS

    I would like to retrieve information from the data base using SMS(short message service). What are the components of the system ? If the subject is broad, please comment about the major components. For example, using a registered mobile number, an employee can query the his information. To know...
  5. Rauf

    Benefits for employees: Should it be in HCM or in Asset Management ?

    My company is to log all details of employees who is having laptop, mobile phone, car etc. These are the benefits for employees. Is JDE 8.12 is having modules to manage these details. Is it come in Asset management or in Human Capital Management ?
  6. Rauf

    Talent Management in JD Edwards 8.12

    Can I have guess the Talent Management is exist in JD Edwards 8.12 or should I create custom module for it ? Please have a look at the following case, I just want the following, - Yearly, employees need to fill a form to rate himself/herself on two categories, a. Performance 1. Criteria 1 (1 to...
  7. Rauf

    Standard Address Book B.F. v/s Insert or Update operation to update Address Book info

    I need to customize the address book application as per one of my client's requirement. I started from a scratch application and reached in doubt: Should I use the standard business functions to add/update address, phone numbers, emails etc ? I opened the standard applications like...
  8. Rauf

    More details in Supplemental Data

    What is the best way to add more details in Supplemental Data table. I used RMK, RMK2, RMK3 already. Now, I need to store one more text data. For example, Employee/Education Supplemental Data I used RMK for Degree Name RMK2 for University RMK3 for Country (of University) Now I need to store...
  9. Rauf

    What is inside 'Save' button of 'Menu Filtering'

    Is there a way to find the code inside the Enable/Disable function ? I need to find which tables are updated if I press Save button. The issue is, if I want to add a custom menu to the parent menu and I don't want to show the menu for all users, I will take all the other roles and do disable...
  10. Rauf

    Employee Self Services in JDE 8.12

    I just need an overview on the subject. For details I will refer to HCM documentation. Can anybody please tell me how the Employee Self Services in JDE 8.12 is working (I am also going through HCM documentation). For example, 1. How does the employee log in to the JDE ? Should I need to create...