Vertex connections...


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This weekend we moved from using ISAM files for Vertex to putting the Vertex data in a VERTEX schema in our jde database. All went well until we got a lot of users in, then we reached our maximum processes in Oracle (which had been working fine at 1500 for like four years). We doubled that to 3000, and hit the limit again this afternoon. Currently there are 954 connections among all our different JDE system users and 1933 connections for vertex, all coming from jde900 processes. Is anybody else using Vertex in Oracle? How many Vertex connections relative to your number of JDE connections do you normally see? Is there a reasonable limit, or is there some kind of bug that's keeping unused connections from being freed up?


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A number of vertex connections open when a new user environment is initialized (server startup, user logins, etc.). The database footprint can be quite large and needs to be estimated and managed effectively.

I believe ISAM is not recommended nor supported as a production solution.