Unusual Goods Returned


One World B732 SP12.2

Goods can be returned to supplier even though the defects were discovered during Production. How do we treat this using One World?

Reversing of the original receipt is definitely out. Another way is by using negative PO. Is this method workable or any users using this or have better suggestion?


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Yes, a negative PO is workable. That is what we do. I have included below an
excerpt from our procedure.

Dave Mallory Denver Water

TYPE 2: Return of item, PO is known, item is vouched, item paid or not
Buyer goes to existing PO, adds negative line for the return. (Needed for
warehouse to do negative receipt, below).
Buyer keys attachment to the negative line showing:
1.) Original line number on PO that return line applies to.
2.) Reason for return.
3.) Return goods authorization number or name of person at vendor
authorizing the return.
4.) Info about how vendor will bill: gross amount and credit memo, net
amount (partial return), no invoice.
5.) Whether we will do business with vendor again.
Buyer prints PO, using R43500 DW4, which updates status.
Buyer notifies warehouse to ship the goods back to the vendor.
Warehouse sends JDE E-mail to AP notifying AP "Return on PO ( fill in )".
Use shortcut from receipts screen.
Warehouse returns goods.
Warehouse keys negative receipt (not reverse receipt) using P4312 DW2
Return-to-Vendor Receipt. Key quantity as a negative. This matches with
negative line added to PO by buyer, above.
Warehouse goes to line attachment on PO, keys shipping info (RGA number,
carrier, bill number, date, etc.).
AP gets e-mail from warehouse and from buyer.
AP waits to get invoice from vendor, unless buyer's message says vendor will
not send invoice. AP does not wait for credit memo.
AP gets invoice from vendor.
AP determines payment status for this line.
P5543214, DW1, Open Receipts, enter order number, leave "vouchered" box
unchecked (to get lines unvouchered), Find, look for the PO and line, double
click on the line, get detail, look at "not vouchered" fields. $$ and
quantity in "not vouchered" fields means has not been invoiced/vouchered.
Close, back to first screen, check "vouchered" box (to get lines vouchered),
Find, now should see $$ invoiced/vouchered.