Unable to retrieve output from S4440951A


Dear all,

Recently I changed to a new job in E9.1, and here when I installed Fat Client and am creating a new report and trying to run, I am getting the Error status with output as "Unable to retrieve output from aamhojd1". Even if I modify a existing UBE, the report output is not getting updated, but if I modify a Version override versions the modifications are getting updated. Has anybody come across this scenario. I will be so greatful if any experts can advice what is creating this error.

Thanks in advance
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Unable to retrieve output means there is no PDF or CSV on the server for that job.

That could be down to the no output option being selected. Not all UBEs produce and output
Hi John,

Sorry for the late reply. Whenever I create a new report or copy an existing report and submit the UBE gets processed and finally comes with status "E" and message as "Unable to retrieve output from aamhojd1". As you suggested the PDF file may not be generated, but how come? The suppress output flag is not selected in both the original UBE as well as the copied UBE. Is there be any security settings to be enabled for report generations? If I modify any ER in "version override" versions its working fine, only in UBE I am not able to modify or generate output.