E9.2 How to get the BIP Output File Name in a UBE


Hi, we are on E1 9.2 TR
BIP provides the override on the output file name feature.
In E1, BIP file output is saved in a blob field.
We can view the file name when we download the report output using P95630.
I have the requirement to know the RD output file name generated when I am processing within the UBE.
Can somebody provide guidance on how to get the output file name ?
Thanks a lot in advance.
If you are using the output file name feature, you should know the rules for naming of the file - so just apply the same logic to generate the output file name.

Also, in a 9.2.5.x tools release at a previous employer, we were able to save BIP file output to a network folder - in case that's of any help to you.

Keep in mind that the BIP processing occurs AFTER the UBE has completed, so you'd have to wrap the call to the UBE inside a wrapper UBE, and then try to get the output file name - if that's even possible. I can't say I've ever tried that.
Not enough info in initial post to provide you with great answers. Don's method works great. I have picked up PDF files to use in emails using this method.

Another option is to create an orchestration that runs the report. You can use the option to download the report which downloads to the AIS server temp folders. You can pick it up from there and do what ever you want with it. will require some groovy script to build the full path that you can pass to other objects in the orchestration if you want to do something with it within the orchestration.
Hello Scott, I was thinking too on the Orchestration line. Have you already tried it this way ? Thanks
I was thinking in running the Orchestration to execute P95630 using the UBE job number from F986110, execute the row exit - View Output, read the file name from the temp directory containing multiple files in an array and return to E1.
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Just to add some clarification to my Original Post, I am not looking to get to know the output file name from within the UBE in process. I am looking to get the RD file name created using the file override feature of BIP after the fact the UBE has completed.
What I do is place the files on the network, using BIP burst. From there, we have some BSFN provided by Oracle that can read a folder and provide the file name(s) in a get next file name kind of way. I can then process each file based on whatever it is that I need to do.
Same idea going on here, it's just the CSV or PDF I am looking for
Ask your CNC team for the BIP folder network address (or change it yourself in the config of the RD) and repeat the code