Unable To Check-in/Check-out Objects


Greetings everyone,

Recently, I installed a development fat client. Everything went well until I tried to check out some objects.
I am able to check in/out batch reports and business views, but not others.

I get a generic Error: General Error in method, Check-In / Check-Out

I tried to inspect the logs but I couldn't find anything to help me solve the problem.

Any thoughts?
Thank you!

Junior JDE Developer
JD Enterprise One 9.1, Windows

Do you have the OMW rules set up and OMW roles applied to your used ID in the Owners of the project that allow you to check in/out objects other than UBEs and Business Views?
Thank you for the reply!

Yes, I have everything checked!
I've noticed I don't have access to the deployment server. I managed to get access and now I can do the check-in/check-out operations