E9.2 Custom table Index approach for upgrade


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Dear all,

As a part of upgrade from 9.1 we are trying to figure out the custom indexes created on Standard tables which may be replaced in FILE IO and unable to trace the same thru ER Compare can you please suggest any best approach ( as I see xref throws so many objects which are of no use at max).

I use Object Browser to do an ER search and look for table I/O. I check to see if there is any table IO that references the custom indexes and that gives us our list of programs that we need to modify to reflect the new index IDs.
Just because the table isn't used for Table I/O doesn't mean it isn't used by the optimizer. I see that you are on an IBM i, this is a query I presented at common so you can see if an index is being used that you wouldn't necessairly know:

select index_schema, index_name, case accpth_type when '1 TB' then 'R' when 'EVI' then 'E' else accpth_type end "Type", column_names, last_query_use, last_statistics_use
from qsys2.sysindexstat
where table_schema = 'F*****DTA' and table_name like 'F3711'
order by column_names;

I normally add the indexes I make to JDE so they survive an upgrade without me having to do anything.