Set Data Item for grid (ROW) NOT ENTIRE COLUMN


Hello Everyone,

I am rather new to JDE and my company is still undergoing the implementation. Although I am very new I have successfully built a few custom apps for our business needs. Currently I am working on a custom application that we will use to set up our machines, essentially a recipe for the machine parameters. I have built a form with a table dubbed Machine Definition. The definition is essentially a grid where every added row is added to the db under the specified machine key. every definition row has a sequence, a label and a data type. There are also fields for setting decimal places the data item etc only available if that type is selected. From this Definition & a row from another table for header info.....I will populate another form header from the header table, and a grid from the definition table with the sequence, the label "parameter title" and the Value. If the type is "UDC" I want to set the value column for this specific row to a data item (which will in tern have edit rules for specific UDC's). I cannot find where or how to set the data item on a specific row. I can do so on the entire column but not the current row.

I would like to focus on the UDC and the Data item parts for now.
For example If sequence 1 has a type of UDC and a data item of "Some data dict item" Then I would like that value column and row to be searchable(or visual assist) for that UDC type.
Since I hit this roadblock for the grid version I am building a non-grid version in parallel (which works but the code will be monstrous) hoping someone can help me. Ill Attach some screenshots.

Again I am onlya few days into the app. But I am a Mobile developer and have a good understanding of programming. I just cant for the life of me figure out why they made the set data item for the grid set the entire column vs specific rows

Also this is a basic 5 param example the end result will have upwards of 200 with varying types etc.


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