Media Object Storage Location Change???



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Dear List,

We have a following scenario and I wanted to check if there is any better way to accomplish this, in case someone had a similar case.

So we upgraded to 9.1 from Xe back in 2014. During the upgrade process the media object library for Xe was not placed on read-only mode. (yes you can laugh on that one!). It was not until 6 months after the upgrade that we realized that the folder was not locked and there were cases were people did place some attachments in those folders on the old Deployment server.
As such we have to keep that media attachment location live albeit locked thereafter.

Now back to current day, we need to be able to get rid of that old server and would like to move over those objects to the correct location (which is the current deployment server).

Now I know we can do that by updating the F98MOQUE and F00165 tables. But I am concerned about the "multiple text attachments" like the one which have a link to another attachment and that one another. I know we have quite a few of them and I am not exactly sure how JDE would behave after I make changes to F00165 table. Does anybody know what could a better approach of achieving this?

Moreover are there any TC UBE which can take care of this change in Media Object location, rather than performing it manually as documented in some of the MOS documents?

Thank you as always for the valuable inputs.

You will need to do this manually. Do a SQL on the F00165 table. Update the GDGTFILENM field.
This is something that I use. Update the trim values. x - Your current file share, y - old file share server.

UPDATE TESTDTA.F00165 set GDGTFILENM = (concat('\\xxxxxxxxxxxxx\E910\mediaobj\HTMLUpload', RPAD(RTRIM(substr(GDGTFILENM, (instr(GDGTFILENM,'\',1,6)))),214,' '))) where upper( substr(GDGTFILENM,3,10)) = 'yyyyyyyyyy';

And yes, this is for Oracle. Try testing with one file and then proceed. For other database, I get creative and gets the job done :D
Soumen - Just an FYI - What Glen suggested will not replace file links within documents. So if an Excel attachment has a link within it to another attachment, this query will not resolve that.
Its very doubtful that there are embedded links to documents stored in the Media Object queues on a deployment server. The locations / names of those documents weren't really user accessible.
Soumen, hope you ran the conversion programs to convert the XE media objects to the B9 format. My response was specific to updating the media object file location in F00165.