UDO Projects cannot be viewed in P98220W


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[FONT=&quot]Our CNC just finished installing the new environments, however all UDO projects (name starts with UDOxxxx) can be found in F98220 failed to be viewed via P98220W. If the UDO projects are imported manually from P98220W then will be fine to view via P98220W.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]I don't know what can cause and only noticed the BSVW supports P98220W is joined by F98220 and F98221. And the UDOs brought in by CNC into F98220 are with the fields Program ID = UCA, Category Code 1 = UDO, Target Release Number = E920 and those are only three fields differs from if manually imported.
My question is why the UDO projects exist in F98220 but cannot be viewed via P98220W? All three environments are with the same situation, and like to know if CNC installed them differently or my P98220W filtered them out for some reasons?
p.s. In F98222 it does show OMW project names started with UDO and all the objects related to it. [/FONT]