UBE / SQL Performance - Oracle

We are hitting a similar issue, looks like the UBE is executing all the sqls slow, EM shows that when it receives the sql request it returns data set in an acceptable amount of time but the UBE 'sits' for some time before sending the next sql, we are on 9.0 on Solaris 10 with NFS mounted file system. Any ideas?

When you look at the SQL Statement in the Execution Detail ~ is there a lot of Row Security appended to the end of your Data Selection.

We are, now, getting much better performance with some new indexes. If the users has significant Business Unit Security, then the Processing Hangs on the Data Selection (SQL Statement).

Due to the Bind Variables that are passed in from the UBE, there is some 'obfuscation' that takes place on the database. The EM would tell us the statement should run in a second, while the statement would take an hour.

Look at the timestamp of the Primary Select Statement, then look at the DS for the line(s) immediately following. That should tell you how long it took for the Select to Execute.

Yes, we do have Business Unit level security, let me run the debug log and and check. Thanks for the update
Can you get us the running time for R014021|ZJDE0001, our CNC says it should be a 5~7 sec for 15K records in F0101, we are seeing 20~25 sec, we ran the UBE with log level 6 and cannot find any DB waits. This is symbolic for all the other UBE performance 5~7 times slower.