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E9.2 UBE called from report interconnect goes in loop.


Hello All,
I have a UBE (B) which is called from another UBE (A) using report interconnect.
When i execute the UBE (A) on local FAT client the UBE (A) executes the called UBE (B), whereas when i execute UBE (A) on web the called UBE (B) goes in loop.
I tried to execute the Calling UBE (A) with the lines to report interconnect commented and it executed correctly.
Also the called UBE (B) completes correctly when executed independently.
The system is JD Edwards Enterprise One. Application Release - E920 Tools Release -


VIP Member
Are you calling the UBE (B) asynchronously? If not, try that. The symptoms you describe point to a Transaction Processing issue I've encountered recently.

Ben again



Can you define 'loop' please?
Do you mean an actual loop in the code or its constantly recalling UBE B? You mean actual code loop right?

Could it be you have a select or a a while that uses a variable you've obtained from a BSFN? And does this BSFN run on the web or is it a client only BSFN?