E9.1 UBE With Excel Output


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Hi All,

I have a UBE (A) that calls another UBE (B).

When I run UBE (A), I can change the Output to have both PDF and CSV

When UBE (B) is called from UBE (A), I don't have the option. I've checked the version for any settings I may have missed. Is this even possible?

I need for both to be viewable as CSV.

Thank you,
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I don't think there's an option to change it on the fly when running it. The way I've always done it is through report design on the version, on Print Setup there's an option to Export to CSV which will default it to always export. That way also you can resize the columns so that it exports cleanly, without missing or extra columns.

Another way is to create a BI Publisher template for it to go directly to Excel, bypassing the .csv altogether.
Apologies if I am missing something here, but if you set the UBE up to be a CSV ouput in File > Print Setup > tick Exort to CSV, I always get both PDF and CSV files on the server.

I have written code I can use to go and get either the PDF or the CSV file. I can share that if you like??? Maybe useful for what you are trying? Maybe this is the way you can chose PDF of CSV

Basically, I wrote a C++ function to get the servers print queue address, then use a concat of OBJ_VERS_JOBNBR_PDF andf then use B0500725.CheckForFile to get the PDF or CSV (just change the extension and add .csv)
I then use B34A1030 to call a unix cp copy file command to another folder


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Great, I set it up in the version Printer Setup......

Thank you...