E9.2 Call UBEs and passing in PO values



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HI folks

I know it's possible to call a UBE from an Orchestration, but is it possible to pass in PO values as variables.

I want to do this as some users are getting fed up with certain users changing PO values, so I thought I could call the UBE via an ORCH and pass in the PO values. As I've read they do not 'stick'


If you have certain UBE's where you don't want people to change the processing option values, you could change the version from "no security" to "medium security" so that people can't change the processing options. At one of the companies I worked for, that was the standard for any UBE Version that would run on the scheduler so that people couldn't accidentally change the processing options. CNC was the only role that had access to modify a version with medium security set. If we needed to make actual changes to the version, CNC would move the version security down back down to "no security" in the development environment. Developer would make the changes and then the medium security would be re-applied when it was promoted.
Hi Ellen
Thanks for this. Sadly what they want is the ability to change 'some' POs but not others.
So this is the best I can come up with
All our scheduled versions are like you describe yes