The dreaded Sales Order Master Business Function


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Dear dear dear dear list,

I have created (actually I have been made responsible for) a NER which
uses the SO MBFs. I encounter a problem when I try to create a new SO
with an existing/duplicate Customer PO. We supposedly have the system
set to allow duplicate POs and the error we see displays only as a
warning. The problem is that when Edit Line completes, it returns an
error flag equal to '2' which indicates error instead of the expected
'1' which indicates a warning. With this returned error code the Edit
Line does not enter the code into cache or the work file. I want to
programmatically accomplish the same thing that a user accomplishes by
hitting the OK button a second time getting past the warning. I have
scoured the documentation and can't seem to get past this problem.

This is a tough one for me, Any ideas Whipping Boy......Zoltan the

Ben again