E9.2 Showing hidden Group Box strange interaction with Full Elongation


We came across a strange behavior while testing for a release 23 upgrade in a sandbox environment. We have a custom interactive application that in the bottom left corner swaps between showing a label and a tree control or showing three Edit Controls surrounded by a Group Box. To the right of this area are a number of Edit Controls.

During testing when loading data that causes the tree control to hide and the edit controls and group box to show, we lost access to the first four "rows" of edit controls located to the right. We tried swapping and resetting DD associations. We tried getting a .par and overwriting the specs from the working system. We tried disabling ER code.

The problem went away when the code to show the Group Box was commented out. Re-enabling that line but setting the control to be Visible by default also fixed the problem but only for the first time the data was loaded. If additional data was loaded that made the control hide, and then data was loaded that made the control show then it again made the controls to the right not available. They weren't disabled. They worked before the code would ShowControl(FV The Group Box Name). They worked after Hide Control(FC The Group Box Name) was called.

Running Edge Developer Tools I noticed that when the controls weren't accessible and I tried clicking on them with the element selection tool, it would instead select a span that started at the top and left location of the shown Group Box with the height of the group box, but with a width that covered at least 2/3 of the screen, blocking the Edit Controls we were trying to interact with.

Looking at JAS.INI settings I noticed that production has FullElongation=ON, the sandbox E1 HTML has FullElongation=DEFAULT and the local web did not define the property.

I closed down E1 Solution Explorer, edited the local jas.ini adding FullElongation=ON to OWWEB, and started it back up to test. The problem went away. It seemed that telling things to expand made the once-hidden Group Box not elongate when shown, while not specifying that at all or using Default, which I understand to mean NO on 9.1+, was causing it to expand.

Has anyone else seen this?

Short of moving all the controls around so there is nothing to the right of a hidden and shown Group Box, is there another reasonable solution that is Full Elongation setting independent?

Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts,

JDE E1 9.2 TR