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Testing multiple Consumer BSSVs locally issue - JDev 12c


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I am having an issue with testing multiple consumer BSSVs locally on the integrated Weblogic server running on JDeveloper 12c at the same time. I can deploy multiple consumer BSSVs to my local integrated Weblogic Server on JDev. When I look in the WL admin console I see that they are deployed and listed as active. However, if I have two of them active (running) at the same time jdeCallBusinessService returns a CallBSSVServiceDoesNotExist error on one of them while the other one works. If I stop one of the BSSVs in the WL admin console, then the other on works and vice-versa. I just can't have both of them running at the same time locally. Any ideas?

BSSV          Status          Result
J5900001     Active          jdeCallBusinessService==CallBSSVNoError (100)
J5900002     Stopped        n/a

J5900001     Stopped       n/a
J5900002     Active          jdeCallBusinessService==CallBSSVNoError (100)

J5900001     Active          jdeCallBusinessService==CallBSSVNoError (100)
J5900002     Active          jdeCallBusinessService==CallBSSVServiceDoesNotExist (101)
J5900001     Active          jdeCallBusinessService==CallBSSVServiceDoesNotExist (100)
J5900002     Active          jdeCallBusinessService==CallBSSVNoError (101)
When both are running I also sometimes get CallBSSVSystemInternalServerError.

Chan Rana

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Would love to help you but I haven't worked much on Consumer side yet. But normally this is handled by SBF Java Kernel. I would check the number of Thread settings in INI which normally would be for active connections. Since this is on iWLS you might want to check the local INIs and also later on your ES.