TCE009090 Error in TC loading csv file to E1 table


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We are loading a csv file from a network file server to E1 table F01151 using a TC UBE. This UBE has been running successfully for a long while. Recently the csv file was relocated to a new file server, and I had to re-define the TC to reference the new server in Select Input.

Since then, the UBE would run in error... (TCE009090 - fixed width column formats must be defined over a character type column, not over a column with EVDT type 9). The input file is a csv file, so I don't see why the error suggests that it is in "fixed width column formats".

I tried to re-define the TC to step through all the conversion screens after specifying the Select Input.

I see other postings for similar issues, but couldn't see the solutions. Help!
Since my posting I've made changes and now got different error message. Last time, the csv file was on a SQL 2008 server. Now the csv file is on a SQL 2003 server, and the error is:

TCE009211 - Cannot open output file (/QNTC/milhonfsold/Shared/IS/DataFeed/ADtoE1/EmailNetID.csv)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi wooi,

I, personally, had to replace all my table conversions (talk about ten TCs), during an upgrade from 8.10 to 8.12. and never had a problem with loading or saving .csv files, ever.
I had to do that when the upgraded TCs simply stopped working, with all type of clueless errors, different than yours.
Using Fetch Next Line from Flat File, Delete Flat File, and Append Line to Flat File business functions work pretty nice, and they allow you to control every aspect of the In and Out of E1.
PS TCs used to be a big time selling point when OneWorld came into being.
Thanks for your reply, Adrian.

In my TC, I build the Advanced ER for event 'TextLine1 Format Fetched' and did not need to use bf "Fetch Next Line from Flat File".

If I try using bf "Fetch Next Line from Flat File" now, which event should it be in? "Process Begin"?