E9.2 SQL JDE Training


Can anybody point me to some good JDE SQL training? I am taking on a new project and they would like someone with SQL. I have typically been just a functional person and defer this type of stuff to others. I understand the basics, but probably couldn't do too much. Any advice appreciated.


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Hey Jeff, I would recommend to go in the https://stackoverflow.com/ or even going to Microsoft or Oracle depending on DB you're going to work with. If you're focusing to the functional side of it, you will be just fine, it is quite simple actually. But let me know if you are looking for something more advanced when performing the SQLs.
Some tips:
When building a select with multiple tables, make sure you have the proper keys in the Join like
Select GLDOC, GLDCT, GLKCO, GMDL01 from xxxdta.f0901, xxx.dtaF0911
where GLAID = GMAID and xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx

Date from Julian to Gregorian date MS SQL
CONVERT(VARCHAR(8),DATEADD(year, cast(F0911.GLDGJ as int) / 1000, 0)
+ DATEADD(day, cast(F0911.GLDGJ as int) % 1000, 0) - 1, 112) as GLDATE,
Same but for Oracle DB:
You can also use the http://www.jdetables.com/ to read all tables design as you need.

Good luck


Can anyone help on how to use JDE in oracle database to retrive data from tables using SQL