E9.2 SQL to fetch F983051 (Versions) F98306 (PO Template) relationship

Felipe Vidal

Active Member

I'm trying to build an SQL relationship between tables F983051 (Versions) & F98306 (PO Template), but I'm unable to understand how the BLOB in F983051 is ordered.

I was able to debug BSFN B9800030 & it basically loops through each one of the "1" type values of the PO Template (in the PO Template's sequential order, including tabs) in order to build a cache file, which will later be reused by the same BSFN. This happens just after retrieving the parameter that comes after converting & "ordering" F983051. I saw a JDE c-function (not BSFN) that seems to "allocate" the file at the beginning, but I couldn't move further (I don't know how this includes work).

Still, there is something I'm skipping because the ordering that I see in the BLOB file, with the following structure...
Pipe-separated values + (Number) + PO Template + Pipe-separated numbers​
... makes no sense at all. It corresponds neither with an ordered list (based on the numbers of the second section) nor with positions.​
Yet when running the debug it does make the correct match, retrieving with each description the correct value.

How does JDE BSFN orders the Version BLOB prior doing the match? Any help is appreciated.