E9.2 JDE Table in Data Access Studio for a specific column name


Hello JDE experts,

I'm a complete beginner with JDE, however I have a basic SQL knowledge.

I'm currently using Data Access Studio (DAS) to try and get a general idea of how JDE works. If I understand it correctly using my SQL/database knowledge, I'd assume that there'd be 3 tables in JDE database that's for 'Business Unit', 'Object' and 'Subsidiary'.

Using F0901, I was able to get the a detailed data. i.e. with values only [Business Unit] IN ('ALL', 'OTT') and [Obj Acct] IN ('1520', '1530'), it'll repeat the [Sub] and [Description] as many as the records will show, due to many-to-many relationship.

Now I'm wondering if there's a table that only gives me the distinct value of the [Sub] and [Description]?

Apologies if this is not the thread that I should be asking. If it's isn't, would appreciate if you could direct me to where I should have my questions asked.

Thank you!

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Hi dluhut,
There's no description that refers to just a subsidiary account value. As you probably already discovered, the description in F0901 refers to the combination of Business Unit (MCU)/Object (OBJ)/Subsidiary (SUB). So an account like 1.2.3 could have a description "North", while 5.6.3 (same sub) might be "South" - there's no built-in or enforced consistency in JDE for that. But if your site needs such a consistency, you could make your own by creating a UDC based edit rule in the data dictionary for alias SUB.
Since you're a curious beginner, take some time to look at the JDE Tables web site http://https://jde.erpref.com - contains a lot of useful information.
Good Luck!
Hey @dluhut, I guess you could try the jde tables website (https://jde.erpref.com/) from there you can find/review all tables, fields, indexes with PKeys, etc, all for JDE. The only "issue" is to look for the table name, so you must have this in hand. You can use several tips to find the table you're looking data at, one from the screen you are (Chart of Accounts), Go to Tools and check Databrowser, it will open the business view of this application, then you refer the table to the view or the application, so for Chart of Account is only F0901, the Business Units Master is F0006. As for the F0901 the PKey is the AID (an ID given to the Account# create), however the index also considers unique values for MCU+OBJ+SUB, so you can only have 1 record with these combinations. In this table you will find the DESC, descriptions do not have any unique value anywhere, too risk. The SUB was intended to be the detail structure for a give Acct#, so you can have Banks (then the details will be each bank account #) There are no other table only for SUB or only for DESC since they belong to the Chart of Account.
Hope it helps!
Thank you all!

@cribeiro jde tables indeed helps to know what tables there are based on it's categorization as well as even have the capability of searching the column name and spits out the tables that had it.

@MFreitag seems like it's almost the same as JDE tables, but will definitely use these 2 resources to find what I need.

Thank you both!
@MFreitag seems like it's almost the same as JDE tables, but will definitely use these 2 resources to find what I need.

Thank you both!

I think the visual data models are exclusive to the product catalog, but i get what you're saying, yeah!