Skills required for BSSV development


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Hello there,

I am a JDE developer having thorough knowledge of JDE tools such as FDA, RDA, NER etc. and I have been developing many custom applications using these tools.
There's an upcoming project for me where I will be working on BSSV and jDeveloper which I have no exposure to but I would like to learn it.
What are the requirements and where should I begin?

My questions are :
1) What kind of JAVA knowledge I should have. Any recommended training course for that?
2) What level of C business function knowledge is required. I am able to understand basic C business functions.

Thanks for any inputs.


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There are some decent (if not old) guides around that step through creating a BSSV. I am on mobile at the moment so don't have them handy but if you search google you will likely see some results pointing back to this site with some guides.

You should have basic knowledge of JAVA, if you've never seen JAVA code and are unfamiliar with object oriented programming it may be a little challenging. For the most part if you just need to call BSFNs, Table I/O, etc the code is pretty boilerplate. It gets a little trickier when you want to consume external web services, that is when you will need to create a C BSFN that can be called from within E1 that will then reach out to the external BSSV and return the response. However, for the most part the C BSFN is straightforward. There are some sample C BSFNs you can use as a template and just kind of copy and paste what you need, I didn't have to code anything custom really. The only time it gets a little tricky is when you're trying to convert the variables from one type to the other but this is documented in the E1 BSSV guides.

Sorry if I haven't given you specifics. Its definitely more involved than RDA/FDA but it only took me a few weeks, though I did have some JAVA knowledge. If you have any specific questions let me know, if you cant find any of the guides I can try to dig them up. I believe I got them from here as well.


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Thank you so much for your response. I am completely unfamiliar with JAVA. So I am now trying to learn basic JAVA on my own. I will definitely ask you for your inputs when I start working on BSSVs. Thank you!

Jitendra P


Regarding your first question:
You can start with the basic concepts given below which are usually used while creating a BSSV functions in Java.

Abstract class
Scope of variables and functions
Return type of the functions
How to access variables and functions of one class in other class

Please note, I would recommend you to study this concepts more clearly as this are the ones which are required more while creating or changing a BSSV. Am sure once you get over with this concepts it will be a lot easier for you to go forward with the BSSV development. You dont neccesarily need to study whole Core Java concepts before starting to develope. That you can eventually study side by side.

Regarding your second question:
For C BSFN you need to study pointer variables, how the values are stored and retrived using pointers as C BSFN in JDE is totally dependant upon this concept. Going forward with the specifics, You need to see the Xerces wrapper API's which are used to parse and read the XML data which are sent from/to BSSV.

Go forward with this basic concepts am sure you will be able to complete a BSSV development successfully. Dont waste more of your time in studying, I would recommend a day or two at most. Instead start with the basic BSSV developmet activities and PDF's available that will give you more clear idea of what skills you need to brush upon.

Also, do let me know if you need any further help. I have all the steps to activate the BSSV development as well as activities to start with in a Standalone version.

I hope this information helps you.