Setting Up Direct Ship Unit in Configurator



Currently using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne version 9.1 Configurator

All manufactured and purchased wholegoods are setup in the Configurator. A few of these purchased wholegoods are direct shipped from one of our suppliers to the customer.

I want to setup the Configurator so that it creates a single PO for all the sub-components within the main Configurator Number (C*) but a few questions were raised as Configured orders thus far are not working as orignally expected.

1) JDE 9.1 Configurator manual states on page 6-8 that a seperate version of P4210 needs to be setup for direct ship order entry as well as P4310. If we use a website for dealers to enter Configured orders into, will some type of code need to be written to have orders process correctly (i.e. manufactured unit gets directed to use P4210(a) and direct ship unit gets directed to use P4210(b))?
2) This may be a dumb question but would all components within configured direct ship unit be on same PO if all are set to be direct shipped from supplier?
3) Should the parent C* number be setup differently if direct ship? Right now all our C* numbers have Stocking Type C (Configured Item), Line Type W (Work Order) but think Line Type should be something else since there should not be a work order required for this type of order, but nothing is suggested in manual.
4) Is there a way to have Direct ship order PO not be released right away. Usually order gets placed on hold until it is approved by customer service and credit dept, but found on first orders the hold was not triggered and the PO was made and sent to supplier immediately.
5) Anybody have example of a unit they have Configured that is direct shipped? I have yet to find one online or in a manual.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance,