direct ship

  1. azwilling

    Setting Up Direct Ship Unit in Configurator

    Currently using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne version 9.1 Configurator All manufactured and purchased wholegoods are setup in the Configurator. A few of these purchased wholegoods are direct shipped from one of our suppliers to the customer. I want to setup the Configurator so that it creates a...
  2. Mike Mackinnon

    Direct Ship Order (SD/OD) - Is there a Way to Control Buyer Number?

    Is there a way to control the buyer number or "Ordered by" field (for F4301!) during the SD order entry process? It seems to me that you cannot do this and we would like to avoid having to go back over to the purchase order and make the updates there after having entered the SD/OD order. We...
  3. azwilling

    Direct Shipping in Configurator

    Has anyone implemented direct shipping via the Configurator in JD Edwards Enterprise One? The company I work for manufactures most of our wholegoods but there are a few that we buy from an outside source and ship directly to our dealers. Right now all orders come in as a configured order via...