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  1. A

    Transportation- partial completion of work order creates new shipment number

    Hello We sell configured items - STKT=C LNTY=W. These are also serialized items SRCE=6. According to doc id 1117707.1 Configurator and Transportation, when there is a partial completion of a work order and the sales order line splits, a new shipment number is assigned to the line with the...
  2. A

    Transportation Module Calculation of F4211 PPDJ/PDDJ Question

    Customer Problem Description --------------------------------------------------- Problem Summary --------------------------------------------------- How are the Pick Date (PDDJ) and Ship Date (PPDJ) calculated by TMS for 'make to order' items? Problem Description...
  3. K

    Configurator - Setting up invalid configuration in cross segment editing rules P3292

    Hi All, Need help in setting up invalid configuration setup. We are using Dynamic processing. I need to display all the values available in UDC and then if i select one of the value i should get invalid configuration error. For example, below are my segments and its values, Segment Values...
  4. H

    nested configured items

    Hello all, I'm having problems using a configured item to call out a different configured item multiple times. Each time I get prompted for an answer on order entry, but the first answer applies to each item in the package. Let me try and diagram this: {configured item a} question 1...
  5. J

    Configurator Rules Question (regarding Rounding) using World A7.3.10

    Have a question regarding rounding my data in a segment. Anyone know if there is a rounding function in the C rules (F3293)? I'm trying to set the number of decimal places to round a segment value to based on the value. Example: if the segment value is 49.99 or less, I want to round to 2...
  6. M

    Multilevel Configured Items in 9.0

    I have a functioning single level configurator running right now. In the "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Configurator 9.0 Implementation Guide"...there are references to the capabilities of JDE supporting a multilevel configured item. I think I can make use of this functionality but the documentation...
  7. M

    Configured Work Instructions

    I'm trying provide my floor with some "work instructions" for specific parts resolved by my Q inclusion rules. To do this, I can easily make my evaluations in C rules, and map the text strings to a segment. My issue is....how do I take the segment...and map it directly to the Q rule line for...
  8. azwilling

    Setting Up Direct Ship Unit in Configurator

    Currently using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne version 9.1 Configurator All manufactured and purchased wholegoods are setup in the Configurator. A few of these purchased wholegoods are direct shipped from one of our suppliers to the customer. I want to setup the Configurator so that it creates a...
  9. azwilling

    Direct Shipping in Configurator

    Has anyone implemented direct shipping via the Configurator in JD Edwards Enterprise One? The company I work for manufactures most of our wholegoods but there are a few that we buy from an outside source and ship directly to our dealers. Right now all orders come in as a configured order via...
  10. G


    Hi, I am not able to view the option Kits/Configurator in Row,when I try to access it via SO Detail revision. For certain orders I am able to see the option for certain orders not.I have checked the order types but not able to find anything. Is there any setup I am missing here?