Direct Shipping in Configurator


Has anyone implemented direct shipping via the Configurator in JD Edwards Enterprise One? The company I work for manufactures most of our wholegoods but there are a few that we buy from an outside source and ship directly to our dealers.
Right now all orders come in as a configured order via our website as there are selections for the customer to choose from, but for the direct ship Configured orders we have to cancel and re-enter the order line by line leaving out the top level configured number (C*) so it doesn't show up on the Purchase Order, and doesn't count as double in the ledger (once for top level configured number and once for the components making up the top level number). The components are set up as described in the 9.1 Configurator Implementation Guide (i.e. Line Type D), but I could not find an example for how the C* number should be setup.
The manual also states that a new version of the Sales Order Entry Program (P4210) needs to be created for direct ship order entry, but with both manufactured and direct ship products on the website and using the same P4210 program does that mean that either I am out of luck and have to either continue with cancelling and re-entering the orders or somehow program the website to push certain orders to P4210 v1 and others to P4210 v2?

Thanks in Advance