I have a functioning single level configurator running right now. In the "JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Configurator 9.0 Implementation Guide"...there are references to the capabilities of JDE supporting a multilevel configured item. I think I can make use of this functionality but the documentation in the guide is horrible.....and I mean horrible. There are no examples on how to execute this functionality. All of the references below are things that I'm desperate to understand better... If anyone can explain how to make use of these or at least point me to literature that better explains....I'd appreciate it GREATLY.

1) P-Rules: How to P-Rules differ from Q-Rules. How are they unique in terms of making a multilevel configuration?
2) Cross Segment Editing Rules: I know these are used to validate other segment values but the documentation suggest the ability to reference different levels in a configuration by use of the following:

a) Segment Item Left
b) Segment Branch Left
c) Configured Item Alias Left

How are these fields used in a parent/child relationship? What goes in the fields....how do they tie data together. How do I get child configured items to inherit segment values declared for their parents? I could really use a simple demonstration of ANY of these items in application.