Configurator Rules Question (regarding Rounding) using World A7.3.10


Have a question regarding rounding my data in a segment. Anyone know if there is a rounding function in the C rules (F3293)? I'm trying to set the number of decimal places to round a segment value to based on the value.

Example: if the segment value is 49.99 or less, I want to round to 2 decimal places.

If the segment value is 99.9 or less, I want to round to 1 decimal place.

If the segment value is greater than 99.9 I want to round to 0 decimal places (i.e. the integer).

Currently the segment can only have 1 rounding rule that I know of - that is the setting in the Product Family Segments (F3291) field KWRNDC. It only allows the 1 setting for the decimal places and is not related to the value of the segment. So if I set this to 1 decimal, every single value in that segment rounds to 1 decimal.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Janet Hoffmann
Nidec Motor Corporation