A9.4 JDE World 9.3 IBM iSeries - UOM Conversion rounding problem

Ron Bedard

I've been searching and havent found anything on this topic. We have a rounding problem with Feet to Lengths conversion. Our selling UOM is lengths for pipe. Our primary is feet. When we pick an order line for 8 lengths of pipe, we can't pack confirm it because the on hand inventory is calculating as 7.99 lengths. Also, the Summary Availability is showing 7.99 committed and 7.99 on hand, in lengths. The primary qty is the correct feet. If I change the Potency Control flag to a 'Y' for that item, everything shows correctly and we get no error in pack confirm. Its because when this flag is a 'Y', its doing a half adjust in the calculation. What does Potency control have to do with rounding up? I'm afraid to change this flag to a 'Y' because of other things it may trigger. Should I instead change our conversion factor to not have so many decimal positions? I'm afraid that may cause other rounding issues. How have others handled this issue?