Dual UOM- SD/OD -SD extended price not recalculating after OD receipt



During OD receipt , in SD/OD process, we over received secondary quantity in P4312 and system updated SD secondary quantity correctly but it didn't recalculate the extended price. Our pricing UOM = Secondary UOM.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a item with Dual UOM turned ON and update Primary UOM= LB and Secondary UOM=LF and Pricing UOM=LF
2) setup Item conversion 1LB= 2 LF in P41002
3) Create SD/OD Primary(Transaction) Quantity = 100 LB and system bring Secondary quantity = 200 (automatically) and update unit price = 10 and system calculates extended price = 2000
4) P4312 , receive OD with Primary unchanged(100LB) and secondary 201 LF
5) System updates SD secondary = 201 LF correctly and It DIDN'T recalculate Extended price. Extended price still showing 2000 and expected Extended price = 2010.
And Yes we did apply JM16709 last October.

If above issue is an expected system behavior or a system limitation , does any one know how to use "secondary quantity" to drive extended price in P4210? Basically we need to Bill customer based on Secondary and Receive(purchase & Pay) based on Primary.We don't have base price concept so we can't use advanced pricing we always override unit price.
Any suggestions much appreciated.
My understanding is ,R42950 just do the re-pricing & get the latest price based on date and update and I tried now and it didn't update extended price

I am facing similar kind of issue, when I am trying to change the secondary quantity during receipts (P4312), it doesn't change.

Steps done:

- I have setup an Item with Dual UOM. Primary UOM= CS and Secondary UOM = KG.
- Defined the conversion between primary & secondary UOM. 1 CS = 2.5KG
- Cost defined (P4105)= 20 per CS
- Order raised for 2CS/5KG with a value of 40
- When I am trying to receive 6KG in P4312, the cost or the secondary quantity doesn't change. The desired result should have been 50, but it doesn't happen.

Can anyone please help me understand what wrong am I doing.
keep the quantity adjusted and clear the total value of the receiving line and see how it behaves.
We have faced a similar issue on 9.1 tools 9.1.5 , where we receive our pack confirmation from a third party warehouse system and we can ship extra pounds of meat or chicken or produce and we do use dual UOM and dual tolerances as well . It does not update the extended price ,so we had to build something custom and take the secondary quantity and the unit price in LB and extended it properly with all UOM conversion etc and then updated F4211 and wrote ledger records as well . We tried using line level reprice R42950 , but the problem with that is , if any one item while repricing is over the tolerance limit , it wont reprice the entire order and so we may ship out with larger weight but not charging properly for it taking hit on revenue .
Just to add , we do invoice first and then ship not the conventional SIS (ship invoice sales) . Under no condition we wanted our trucks to wait and go out without invoices . If you dont do this , ship confirmation might be able to fix it for you ,can you check that ?